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Committed to providing Muslim women with stylish, comfortable, and simple abayas that showcase their unique style and beliefs.

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Modesty and Elegance communicates in a warm, welcoming tone, allowing women to feel confident and beautiful in modest attire. CLfashion is committed to giving women fashion and respect, embodying the balance between modern trends and traditional values.

From the people
From the people
Fast delivery and quality of abaya was very good, got lots of compliments thank you.
— Akelahi
From the people
Wow I will buy this and buy again I will even buy and send to my mum this cloth is so amazing and beautiful my pic say it all.
— Tayola
From the people
Obsessed with this glitter Abaya!
— Samiahasanat
From the people
Absolutely love it! Great quality.
— Naimzkhan
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Elegant and beautiful collection

4 Pieces Set shiny Mesh abaya

This is a 4 piece set including a slip dress, cardigan, belt and scarf. The material is shiny chiffon. The suspender skirt and sleeves are two layers, and the dress will not be transparent. The top of the grid has some shiny stones, they are handmade.

Pearl 5-piece Set Silk Abaya

This dress has stunning design. The cardigan is decorated with pearls on both sides and is made of silk. It looks like a lake with sparkling water at sunset! What gorgeous clothes! A total of 5 pieces are available,including headscarves, hooded gowns, sundresses, pearl skirts, and ordinary skirts.

Galaxy abaya

The Latest Model Ramadan Promotion Galaxy Abaya, perfect for the style-savvy women who appreciate a touch of luxury in their wardrobe. This stunning four-piece set abaya is made from high-quality chiffon and crepe materials, giving it a lightweight and elegant feel.